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Develop predictive model for forecasting supply

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Better World Books is an online secondhand bookstore. We receive our books through partnership with libraries as well as donations from the community. We do not know what we’re getting until we receive the books at our distribution centers. We are looking to develop a model that can help us better predict our supply. We make decisions upon receiving the books about which books to keep for sale, donate to partners, or recycle. This decision is based on what we know about the supply and demand of the books. We want to be able to better forecast our supply in order to improve our decision making upon receipt of the books. We have years of historical data about what books we’ve received and from what suppliers as well as lots of metadata about the books.

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CompanyBetter World Books
HQMishawaka, IN
StageMedium Business
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Paul Miller

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SchoolMasters in Business Analytics (MSBA)
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CourseMSBA Capstone (SPRING 2021)
Students Enrolled5 Students per Group (83 Enrolled in Program)
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Duration13.29 Weeks

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