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Go-to-Market Research – Unstructured Data Usage

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Engagement Synopsis

It’s generally understood that 80% of the data in enterprises today is unstructured and locked up in emails, Excel files, PDFs, and other documents. Gaining timely insight into this data – along with structured data – has become an imperative for enterprises today. Without this critical insight, they cannot react to new information across their business ecosystem in a timely manner before operating results/risk suffer. This project will involve a market survey with associated data analysis and interpretation of the impact and timing of unstructured’s data impact on enterprises in various industries.

Company Information

Revenue3,000,000 - 10,000,000,
StageSmall Business
Hiring PotentialFollow-on Projects

Company Overview

Boardwalktech has developed a patented Digital Ledger Technology Platform currently used by Fortune 500 companies running mission-critical applications worldwide. Boardwalktech’s digital ledger technology and its unique method of managing vast amounts of structured and unstructured data is the only platform on the market today where multiple parties can effectively work on the same data simultaneously while preserving the fidelity and provenance of the data. Boardwalktech can deliver collaborative, purpose-built enterprise information management applications on any device or user interface with full integration with enterprise systems of record in a fraction of the time it takes other non-digital ledger technology-based platforms.

Course Info & Engagement Details

SchoolMasters in Business Administration (MBA)
Engagement Format -
CourseMBA APPLY Interterm (FALL 2020)
  • All Graduate
Students Enrolled120 Enrolled, 4-5 per group per project
Meeting Day & Time10/5 - 10/8/2020
Student Time Commitment1-3 Hours Per Week
Company Time Commitment3-5 Hours
Duration0.43 Weeks

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Official Project Kickoff

Official Project Kickoff

We'll web conference company senior leadership into class to introduce the company, meet the students, and discuss the project goals.
September 22nd, 2020 Event na
Final Presentations Final Presentations
Students will present final insights to the company's senior leadership. Please upload the final deliverables.
December 21st, 2020 Submission Required submission-required

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JB Kuppe

[email protected]

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Alice Obermiller

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Jim Cunningham

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