Capstone – Project

14. Identify growth opportunities in North American cross-border logistics

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Engagement Synopsis

Forager is working to establish a repeatable and scalable qualified lead process that consistently provides top of funnel resources to our sales team. Using a paid database and established ideal client profile, we would like the students to work on a new process for utilizing these tools going forward.

Company Information

Revenue10,000,000 - 50,000,000,
StageHigh-Growth Startup
Hiring PotentialEntry Level Full-Time

Company Overview

Forager is creating a new standard for cross-border shipping in North America. We connect shippers and carriers via our purpose built cross-border marketplace that simplifies a complicated multi party process.

Industry Mentors

Company Admin

Danny Gordon

[email protected]

Course Info & Engagement Details

SchoolMasters in Business Administration (MBA)
Engagement Format -
CourseMBA Interterm (SPRING 2021)
Students Enrolled120 enrolled, 3-5 students per team per project
Meeting Day & Time3/22-25/2021
Student Time Commitment30+ Hours Per Week
Company Time Commitment5+ Hours
Duration0.43 Weeks

Project Topics

Growth Strategy


Academic Mentors

There are currently no supervisors assigned.

Assigned Students


Leo Anderson

[email protected]


Andrew Martin

[email protected]


Zachary Silvestri

[email protected]


Aric Stahly

[email protected]

Program Timeline

Touchpoints & Assignments Due Date Submission


Each company will provide a web conference link and time for scheduled kickoff meeting
March 22 Event na
Please upload your final presentations and/or any final reports you delivered to the company.
March 25 Submission Required submission-required
Final PEER Evaluation Due

Final PEER Evaluation Due

March 28 Event na
Final SELF Evaluation Due

Final SELF Evaluation Due

March 28 Event na
Temperature Check #1 Due by 5:00 PM ET

Temperature Check #1 Due by 5:00 PM ET

March 22 Event na
Temperature Check #2 Due by 5:00 PM ET

Temperature Check #2 Due by 5:00 PM ET

March 23 Event na
During this program, you'll be working on a real project posed by a real industry partner. Please download, sign, and then upload the Statement of Confidentiality. If your industry partner requires an additional NDA, that will be loaded as a Project Resources
March 20 Submission Required submission-required
Final Interterm Feedback Survey

Final Interterm Feedback Survey

March 28 Event na

Key Milestones & Project Process

  • March 22, 2021 - Deep dive into the cross-border shipping & logistics industry

    • What products and services do they offer? How well are each of their products/ services performing?
    • Who are their target customers? (leverage the provided ideal customer profiles)
    • What is the scope of their coverage?
    • What is their current pricing strategy? What does their pricing model look like?
    • What channels do they use to reach customers?
    • How do they market their services? What is their messaging?
    • How do customers perceive their service?

    Suggested Deliverable:

    Produce an overview deck to present internally based on your understanding of the company. This internal exercise is to ensure everyone is on the same page and understands the business model before moving on to more critical areas of the project. Please be sure to raise any questions that arise as a result of these discussions.

  • March 23, 2021 - Sales / Marketing Strategy & Lead Generation Tools Analysis

    By leveraging the items identified in Milestone 1 and the resources provided by Forager for their ideal customer profiles address the following:

    • Review and analyze the overall Sales Strategy & existing lead generation process
    • What tools are they using to generate leads?
    • What tools are they using to manage leads?
    • How can they consistently have an influx of leads?
    • How is Forager marketing to prospective leads? Can this marketing be improved?

    Suggested Deliverable:

    PowerPoint/other presentation (focus on substance over format)

  • March 25, 2021 - Recommend changes to Sales / Marketing Strategy and Lead Generation Process

    • Based on your research thus far, how can Forager change its Marketing, Sales or Lead Generation process / strategies to increase their top of funnel leads?
    • Does Forager need to adjust its ideal customer profile? If so, what do your recommend?
    • Are there any innovative approaches Forager can take to improve how it targets its prospects and communicates its value proposition?

    Suggested Deliverable:

    PowerPoint Presentation/Narrative (at the discretion of the group)

Project Resources

There are no resources currently available