Course Title

MSBA Capstone (FALL 2020)

Collaboration Overview

The capstone project is the culmination of the MSBA program and provides an intensive, integrative experience. Student teams work to analyze a problem on behalf of a sponsoring organization. The sponsor provides a business problem and gives students access to relevant data and in-house personnel. Using skills acquired throughout the program, students develop a thorough understanding of the problem and the associated data, then develop and execute a project work plan that analyzes the data, develops actionable recommendations and conclusions, and provides insight into the basis for those recommendations. Skills developed include the ability to provide effective communication regarding the analytics process and results, and an understanding of key aspects of analytics solution development.  We seek corporate partners willing to sponsor capstone projects with Notre Dame students later this year. Capstone projects will take place during the Fall 2020 semester for our Chicago-based program. We seek real-world analytics projects that are supported by a rich dataset that allows students to experience the full analytics project lifecycle, from project planning through data preparation, analysis, and reporting.

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Program & Course Info

SchoolMasters in Business Analytics (MSBA)
CourseMSBA Capstone (FALL 2020)
Graduate / UndergraduateGraduate
Students Enrolled4-6 Students per Group
Student Time Commitment8-15 Hours
Class Meeting Day & Time*TBD

*Note: Company, faculty, and students will finalize meeting and communication schedule after collaboration is finalized

Collaboration Requirements

Requested Industries
Accounting & Legal, Aerospace & Defense, Agriculture & Forestry, Arts, Entertainment & Recreation, Biotech & Pharmaceuticals, Business Services, Construction, Repair & Maintenance, Consumer Services, Education, Finance, Government, Health Care, Information Technology, Insurance, Manufacturing, Media, Mining & Metals, Non-Profit, Oil, Gas, Energy & Utilities, Real Estate, Restaurants, Bars & Food Services, Retail, Telecommunications, Transportation & Logistics, Travel & Tourism
Requested Company Size
  • Established Startup
  • High-Growth Startup
  • Small Business
  • Medium Business
  • Large Enterprise
Duration13 weeks (09/18/2020 - 12/12/2020)
  • Fully Remote (located anywhere)
Company Time Commitment2 Hours per week of mentoring, answering key questions, and providing access to helpful resources
Project Count2

Timeline & Next Steps

Topics of Interest

Project categories and templates that might inspire you…

Account Management

Process Overview / Mapping
Software Suite Recommendations
Process Optimization

Corporate Social Responsibility

Strategy Development
Requirements Planning
Evaluation and Recommendations

Customer Service

New Business Opportunity Assessment
New Product/Service Development
Customer Discovery/Interviewing

Data Management

Data Scrubbing & Reorganization
Data Synthesis & Visualization
KPI Design Visualization

Growth Strategy

Business Opportunity Research
Prospecting New Relationships
Designing & Scaling Processes

International Affairs

Expansion Planning
Cultural Assessment
Strategic Entry

Legal, Regulatory, Compliance

Impending Regulation Assessment
Legal Documents & Legal Structure Audit
Prospecting Legal Firms


Branding Strategy/Redesign
Social Media Optimization
User/Customer Acquisition Strategy Development & Testing

School Supervisors

There are currently no supervisors assigned.